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Tech Inventory at Coffee Shop

I often use "in the wild" observations to build up informal impressions of what people are doing. Brooklyn is maybe not representative, but without further ado:
A Near Complete Tech Inventory of a Group Table at a Brooklyn Coffee Shop

All records between 8:45am - 11am on Monday May 7th 2018. Visible technology only.

Initial Seating of Seven People:


  • 4x iPhone X
  • 1x iphone (6/6s)


  • 1x 2016/17 MacBook Pro 13" (non-touchbar)
  • 1x 2016/17 MacBook Pro 15" (touchbar)
  • 1x 12" ipad Pro (with keyboard)
  • 1x Older Macbook 13" (CD-ROM)
  • 1x Pretty new Thinkpad (reading about blockchain)


  • 3x Apple watch (2 with cellular)
  • 1x set of Airpods

Turnover grouped by user:

  • 1 Macbook, 2 generations old, sat, tried to turn on, sad battery face, left. iPhone of unknown age.
  • iPhone 6/6s
  • iphone X, last gen Macbook Pro 13" w/ github sticker on the inside below keyboard.
  • MacBook Pro 15" w/ touchbar, iPhone 7+
  • iPhone 7, writing complex mathematical equations in pen, on paper 1.0.
  • 12" ipad Pro w/ keyboard, iphone 6s.